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About ANTE

ANTE innovative Technologies was founded in 2006 by the Research Institute for Technical Physics and Materials Science of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (MFA), and immediately established itself as a successful and profitable multidisciplinary research company. 

Our mission is to perform interdisciplinary research on complex functional materials and nanometer-scale structures, to explore and exploit physical, chemical and biological principles, in integrated micro- and nanosystems, and to develop of characterization techniques. We aim to disseminate our results in international programs, education and industrial R&D, with special attention to the needs of SMEs.

Our partners include numerous academic research institutes: MFA, SZFKI, ATOMKI, AEKI, and KK.

Our customers range from Hungarian small and medium-sized enterprises to some of the largest multinational corporations (GE, Flextronics, Visteon.) We mainly focus on delivering products to the international market.

Our products and research are primarily focused on the neutron scattering research market: we deliver data acquisition and control elements for neutron scattering systems, and continue to research and develop solutions for the new generation of neutron data handling systems.

ANTE Innovative Technologies is proud to support the European Spallation Neutron Source project.

ANTE managing director

Dr Péter Harmat