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Instrument Upgrade

Our goal is to deliver complete control solutions for neutron scattering measurements, providing not only wholesale, "green field" solutions, but also customization services for pre-existing instruments. This means that we are able to integrate existing equipment – such as motors, magnetic field controllers, temperature controllers, velocity selectors, sample changers etc. – as part of our Instrument Upgrade service. The resulting control system handles all previously existing hardware while fully supporting our Event Recording data acquisition solutions.

By developing drivers for all existing equipment and connecting those drivers into the Instrument Module, we can seamlessly integrate all pre-existing equipment into the control system. This allows us to provide an extremely flexible and convenient solutions for our clients.

In addition, we also develop an integrated Graphical User Interface for your instrument, allowing you to easily visualize the physical state of the instrument (position and displacement of mechanical parts, rotation of angles, state of slits, etc.), contributing to an intuitive view of the measurement process.

Instrument Upgrade (Pdf)