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Engineering ceramics for severe conditions

MASICER is a silicon nitride based advanced ceramic material. It possesses the typical ceramic properties, low density, high hardness, fair strength, excellent corrosion and wear resistance. In addition, the thermal shock resistance of silicon nitride is the highest among all advanced engineering ceramics, its other thermal and thermo-mechanical characteristics are also superior.


Applications of MASICER ceramics include cutting tools, ball bearings, engine parts, high temperature tools, nozzles, positioning fixtures, sliding bearings. The replacement of traditional steel or hard metal parts by MASICER ceramics may be economic because of the excessive increase of lifetime, it can be the solution in cases when no other material can work.



The manufacturing process of MASICER ceramics incorporates special patented sintering procedures. The structure and the properties can be tailored according to the scheduled area of application by suitably choosing the composition and the details of processing. A very high strength is provided by rod-like ß sialon crystals, while a grains effect a very high hardness.


MASICER engineering ceramics can be shaped either by dry uni-axial pressing or by cold isostastic pressing or by injection moulding The latter method is suitable for complex shapes containing pins or grooves The accuracy of dimension after sintering is 0.03 mm , an additional grinding and polishing is possible.


  • Density     3.22 - 3.27 g cm-3
  • Bend strength     500 - 700 MPa
  • Compression strength     > 2000 MPa
  • Hardness     16 - l 8.5 GPa
  • Modulus of elasticity     260 - 300 GPa
  • Toughness     4 - 6 MPa m1/2
  • Weibull modulus     > 15
  • Temperature of operation     > 1300 °C
  • Thermal expansion     < 10-6 K-1