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TOF Data Acquisition Unit

The TOF Data Acquisition Unit is designed to be used in any neutron scattering measurement, using line detectors, series of single detectors, or special neutron scattering signal sources together with signals coming from choppers or other signal sources. Several TOF Data Acquisition Units can also be work in parallel to collect neutron events from large numbers of detectors.

The basic mode of operation is event recording. The unit accepts also digital signals from choppers and other signal sources, and can generate both histograms and event record list data, with high resolution timestamps. The unit is optimized to Time-Of-Flight experiments.

The TDC Data Acquisition Unit comes with preinstalled internal firmware, allowing it to communicate with a dedicated data processing computer through a dedicated Gigabit Ethernet line.

A product DVD is also included with delivery, containing the following software components:

  • Data Acquisition software: performing the necessary data processing according to the attached configuration files. It runs under Microsoft Windows 7, Vista, and XP. The software works as a TCP/IP server program which accepts and responds to requests from an instrument computer.
  • Data Acquisition Suite: An easy-to-use graphical application written in NI LabView, containing simple programs for demonstrating / testing data acquisition. Source code is also available.
  •  Detailed documentation of the communication protocol, description of commands

TOF Data Acquisition Unit product details (pdf)