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What is Event Recording?

Event Recording is an important new technique for neutron scattering data acquisition and analysis. It involves using specialized equipment and software to collect every event into a list with high-resolution timestamps, making it possible to revisit the data, and reveal dynamic, time-dependent relationships in the gathered data points.

Typical events stored with Event Recording technology include the following:

  • neutron detection event and position from the detector(s)
  • starting / stopping the data acquisition according to the monitor count limit
  • chopper opening signals from each chopper disk
  • in case of spallation source: Source Pulse (T0) signal
  • in case of dynamic or stroboscopic measurement: start / end of excitation 


Event recording provides the following obvious benefits:

  • It is extremely well suited to Time Of Flight measurements.
  • It is not necessary to collect the scattering data into a (1D, 2D) spectrum immediately, during the measurement. Instead, you can select or reject parts of the measured data later (offline), to avoid errors.
  • You can "replay" (revisit) the entire experiment later, and you will also have the opportunity to improve the primary data handling algorithm.
  • Revisiting the data is similar to replaying a DVD film taken from multiple camera positions.
  • Event Recording also helps reveal dynamic - time dependent - scattering effects.

At ANTE Innovative Technologies, our focus is on providing individual, custom-built Event Recording solutions for your specific needs. Our Event Recording products and services are modular, and available individually, or as complete integrated solutions, depending on your individual requirements.

Event Recording is expected to become the new standard in the future of neutron scattering data acquisition and analysis, and we are excited to provide our customers with the cutting-edge technology and know-how necessary to take their neutron scattering experiments to the next level.